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Whether you're looking to have tree limbs trimmed, a tree removed or need some assistance with diagnosing a tree problem, Lindon Tree Service can help.


We are a full-service tree care company, open year round, providing top quality service to residential, commercial and municipal clients. 


From tree inspections to hazardous tree removals, our licensed arborists and tree experts are dedicated to working with you to implement a solution that meets your tree needs.


We are fully licensed and insured.


Pruning, or the trimming away of tree branches, is done for a number of reasons.

We take pride in working with our customers to attain their goal while taking great care to follow ANSI standards for the overall health of the tree.

Sometimes tree removal is unavoidable - whether the tree was substantially damaged in a storm or perhaps it no longer suits your needs.

We have the experience, equipment and know-how to tackle any removal.

A supplemental tree support system is a risk management tool designed to reduce the risk of limb or trunk failure.

There are cabling and bracing options available for young to mature trees, small and large.

Lightning can be a devastating act of nature upon a tree.  The installation of lightning protection systems is just one more professional service we provide.

Plant Health Care (PHC) is the management of plant appearance, structure and vitality. Our Plant Health Care (PHC) programs start with expert diagnosis by our highly trained and qualified arborists. 


Storm damage can be distressing and destructive - from broken branches to an uprooted tree.

Timely storm restoration work can help the tree recover faster and make your property safer by removing potentially hazardous conditions.

After a tree is removed, you may want to remove the stump for a replacement tree or garden.



Proper selection of the tree to your site is an important part of our tree planting services.  We work with you in reviewing what your criteria are for the functions the tree will be expected to serve (i.e. shade tree versus privacy screen, etc).



Tree planting

Pruning using the NiftyLift®.

Utilizing the AirSpade® to break up compacted soil, without damaging the tree's roots.

tree pruning and cabling

tree pruning and cabling

Performing vista pruning and installing a support cable to improve the view and add additional support at Lake Bungee in Woodstock.

Storm damage

Storm damage

Safely getting the damaged tree to the ground.

Tree climber

Tree climber

Climber safely performing a take down.

Log truck

Log truck

Alturnamats® ground protection mats in use while removing logs with log truck.

log truck loading big log

log truck loading big log

The log truck loading logs.

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