Residential Services

At Lindon Tree Service, we work with you to achieve your tree-related objectives.


Trees, as part of a well maintained landscape, can add value to your property.  Poorly maintained trees, on the other hand, can be a liability.


You may simply want us to get an unwanted tree to the ground, look at a tree that just doesn't look as good as it used to, trim your ornamental trees or provide full turnkey services after a tree is removed.  We answer your questions, discuss any concerns and will provide an estimate for the level of service requested.


Hard to reach trees?  Let us take a look at the trees in question - with our experience and equipment diversity, it is almost unheard of that our company isn't able to find a way to safely and efficiently perform the tree work.




Tree work at lakefront property.

Ground protection AlturnaMATSĀ®

Ground protection AlturnaMATSĀ® in use.

Trimming apple tree

Trimming an apple tree.

NiftyLift 4x4 Work Platform

NiftyLift All-Terrain Work Platform in use.

Tree climbers

Tree removal by two of our climbers.

Tree removal using crane

Tree removal using crane.

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Tree removal using crane

Tree removal using crane.